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Preferred supplier of all types of components and applications to OEMs and Tier1 in the automotive sector

We offer our clients products with high added value and integrated solutions with close mutual involvement from initial research through to development of their products.

Our support is based on mastering the broad portfolio of technologies that we have within our facilities and our ability to integrate them – which positions us as a leading provider within the automotive sector.

For all this, we combine the talent of our employees, our design capacity, the knowledge of our technologies and a direct approach to the client.

Hence our belief, that we have a long way to go together with our clients …

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More than 30 years manufacturing automotive parts


Stamped parts and assemblies supplier

In 1986, LCN was established as a supplier of stamped parts and assemblies to meet the needs of the Magnetti Marelli plant in Guadalajara (Spain).


Focuses its growth on Fine Blanking Technology

In the 90s, LCN focused its growth strategy on the production of fine blaking parts and complex assemblies with high added value.


Continued growth

LCN consolidates its growth and focuses its strategy on an expansion and diversification of its client portfolio. Its international expansion begins…


Acquisition of New Facilities

In 2004, LCN acquired the Magnetti Marelli facility, including all its production lines for assembling carburettors, HPDC production and machining centres, thus expanding the company's range of technologies and products.

2005 - 2010

International expansion

LCN manages to establish itself as a preferred supplier to a large number of Tier 1 clients in the Automotive sector, confirming its industrial strategy.


Powertrain Systems

LCN begins to develop complex Powertrain devices together with its customers.


LCN start as Tier1 Supplier

LCN starts its journey as a Tier1 supplier with the Volkswagen group.


Steering Systems

LCN acquires the company CSA Steering Systems, creating LCN Steering Systems.

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To be a global preferred supplier to the automotive sector, providing our customers with greater added value through product solutions, manufacturing processes and systems and jointly achieving more efficient, ecological, sustainable and safer vehicles.


Facing the Client: grow by developing our manufacturing technologies / processes and products to become a preferred, ethical and responsible supplier for our clients, shareholders and the rest of society.

Shareholder: to be able to give sustained added value over time (short and long term) to stakeholders.

People: To develop and promote talent within our company: our colleagues can develop both professionally and personally, thus creating a company where people can realise their potential both professionally and personally.

We are passionate about our work and we are committed to innovation and the future.


At LCN we have a set of criteria directly related to all stakeholders that make up our company and which serve to guide the entire team in the exercise of professional activity:


They are our reason for being. All our efforts must be directed to meet your needs both in Quality, Service, and Price. Without customers, there is no company.


Our concern must be constant with the safety, well-being and professional development of all our employees, not only in those specific capacities for our activity, but also in those aspects in which their human part is developed.


We rely on them and see them as one more extension of LCN externally. Creating a fair and transparent relationship with them in all aspects, as well as supporting their development as a Company with medium and long-term agreements.


We are committed to our environment, proceeding to control our waste, with the aim of implementing processes that are respectful and sustainable to the Environment.


With the development of our activity, we are adding value to Society both economically and socially by creating a culture and industrial knowledge base that allows the development of new activities.


LCN as a Company is oriented to the achievement of economic results, always in a lawful way and with a fair redistribution of the same.

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The people who work at LCN are our most valuable asset.

Part of the vocation and orientation to a long-term relationship with all its employees, guaranteeing the development of the talent of the human team throughout their career and professional life.

This commitment also ensures that the people who work at LCN identify with the values and principles of the company.

At LCN, our workers receive adequate and continuous training for the role that each employee performs with the aim of providing coverage and solutions to the demands and needs that our clients demand from us, day by day.

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The quality of our products, the transparency in our management, the commitment to remain in touch with society, respect for the environment and the safety of our employees, are the bases on which LCN’s corporate responsibility policies are based.

These policies are fundamental in business strategy, and affect our relationship with society, employees, customers, and suppliers.

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