Our Goal, Vision and Values


Our goal is to support to our customers to reach their objetives, helping them in all their demands, providing all necessary resources to achieve them, keeping our quality, flexibilityand support that keep us as the first choice for our customers’ needs.


Our Vision is to be a referential supplier in the Automotive Sector worldwide.


In LCN we have identified a set of criteria and standars directly related with all the activies of our company and that guide our team in the professional activity:

  • Customers: They are our reason for being. All our efforts should be directed to meet supply their needs in quality, service and price. Without our customer, there would be no LCN.

  • Employees: Our main concerns are always the safety, well-being and professional development of all our employees, not only in the workplace, but also in every aspect of their human development. We take care of their personal and family needs, looking for  alternatives that suit both employees and employer.

  • Suppliers: Our suppliers are an exension of LCN. Establishing a fair and transparent relationship in all aspect, as well as support their development as a company with mid and long term agreements.

  • Environment: We are committed with our enviroment, proceeding to control our waste, with the goal of introducing sustainable and enviromental processes.

  • Society: With the development of our activity, we are adding not just economical value to our society but also social value, establishing an industrial knowledge and culture that will help the development of new activities.

  • Results: LCN as a company is aimed to fulfil the ecomical result, always within the law and with a fair redistribution.